Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Is An Eye So Important?

Horus' eye is the one of the main symbols found all over Egypt. It could be found in Pyramids, on monuments, or in kings' palaces. The Eye of Horus became so popular after the myth that Horus and his uncle fought and his eye was wounded in the battle. There are different tales including the eye popped right out and rolled away (umm, gross!) or it just shattered after it was punctured. Though in both tales it was healed, hint at why Horus was a symbol of healing. Horus' eye was found drawn many ways. the normal drawing is just an exciting plain old eyeball. Other ways there are versions of it being sad and weeping. I think I want to make one that represents an A, because that's what I'm going to get on this blog. :)


  1. That would be cool if your eye was the main symbol all over Egypt!

  2. That's so gross that it popped out of his head but cool how you can find it all over Egypt.