Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Horus' Homedawgs.

The Devourer

Horus had many other gods in his life, though a couple were the most important. Goddess Hathor used Gazelle milk to restore his eye during Horus' life. How this is possible, I'm still trying to figure out. In another tail, Seth had tore it out and it shattered though another god, Thoth, healed it. Other gods asscosiated with Horus are Anubis and Osiris during the weighing of the heart ceremony. This is a ceremony that happens when an Egyptian dies, his heart is weighed and if its to heavier than the truth feather, you have done more bad than good in your life. Then, the devourer, part crocidile, hippo, lion, eats it up. I mean, chicken liver is disgusting itself fried, but raw heart? Yum.

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