Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family Betrayal.

As the myth goes, Seth, Horus' uncle, killed Osiris, Horus' father, for the throne (selfish much?). The myth goes on to tell quite the story. When Osiris was attacked by Seth and his followers, Horus immediately rose to the sky to scout terrain for the demons. From the way the book was saying this, I took it as Horus was looking for battleground to fight Seth. Next, Horus turned into a winged sun and attacked Seth, battling him and his followers into the underworld for another 70 years. I'm starting to really think that was overkill. Nowadays, the winged sun is a popular sign all over Egypt because of this myth. Though in both stories Horus' eye was punctured some how and came out.


  1. Was the sun with wings fighting Seth and is followers all by himself.

  2. That's awsome that Horus became a winged sun! Why did it take 70 years to fight Seth though?