Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Falcon Headed God? Sweet!

Many have heard of the young King Tut, and The Great Pyramids. You might have even heard of the Sphinx, (dog body, humongous  head, like George Lopez size) but Egypt's gods/goddesses are just as interesting and important to the long history of Ancient Egypt. The god Horus, is falcon headed (that must've been some painful surgery) and represents the signs of healing and power. Horus is a symbol for divine kingship, a big fancy term for the belief that kings are chosen by gods. The really cool thing about Horus is he even had his own personal symbol. It was a falcon and was probably made for signing autographs. Let me tell you the paparazzi is all over those Egyptian Gods. Lastly, other names for Horus were Ra and Wedjat.


  1. Humongous head,like goerge lopez size! ha

  2. I love your comparison with Goerge lopez! Funny and entertaining to read but still educational.